Book & Paid

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5J Promotion: ilo-sin-ilo
DATE: February 15 – 26, 2012
BOOKED DATE: November 22, 2013
PRICE: 5486.62
Paid through BPI Mandaue…

There’s no turning back 🙂

Breaking Dawn 2 Experience

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here we go… thanks to our program… our team was given out a 2 free movie tickets each agent… so since I havent use mine yet… earlier I decided to go with some of my teammates to watch the Breaking Dawn… It was actually my first time to watch Twilight Saga in a movie house. If I have no ticket, I’d rather buy the downloaded ones. oh well anyway… there are some scenes which I don’t like… But I looooove the climax… The thrill and excitement of the people are soo intense… everyone’s cheerin up, shouting and all… and to realize that that scene is not happening yet… Phew!!! If it happened… Wala na si Carlisle 😦 Oh anyway… That was a nice transition.. I thought I turned on my video… But then when I checked it back–it just stayed there.. I forgot to press the red button.. :-C poor me, wasnt able to record it. And thanks for the free scoop gelatisimo 🙂

My Locker: My Keeper

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So it was like 6 months when our SMEs assigned us our lockers…

Having a locker makes me feel


that I’m athome… This makes me work comfortably knowing that your valuables are kept in a safety place.

And for almost 3 months i owned this locker alone… I’ll be missing this bigtime…

Two weeks ago we got the news that we wil be transferred to a Customer Service… Of course… That was kind of frustrating and it’s really a mixed emotions to everyone… But then on my side I know my scorecard… It really didnt pass.. So that’s okay… I’m used to it anyway… But how about for the other agents who do not have enough reasons to be transferred… I really know how it feels like… Their bsc scores passed… No attendance issue and stuff.. Yeahh.. You really couldnt take away the bitterness to those agents who think that the decision of the management was really unfair… But according to them they couldnt transfer those who got issues…

Oh anwei, after the 2-week training… Here we go… Streamline again and earlier… Twas worst. 😉

Confessions of Being A Bum:

For 2 weeks now, still I don’t have a job yet.

I’m kinda losing out of hope because I already applied in 3 call centers, yet I didn’t pass.

First of Mar 8, 2010, I went back to Cebu because of my interview with xlibris as a CSR with Graphics Design BG, but then I failed… Maybe because the HR senses that I don’t want to be in a CSR. Cause she asked me what position I applied for, so I answered CSR but then I really want to apply as their Layout Designer. Too bad they are not receiving applications for those who don’t have any experiences yet. So then, I never received any call.


Next day (Mar 9, 2012), I was scheduled for an exam at Stream. I passed the English exam, too bad I failed in their last four exams. That was pretty hard. So I was scheduled on Monday for an interview for CSR… Still I failed and then was re-profiled to their Sales account. But then I never showed up for the interview because I will not go back in sales in again.

Mar 12, 2012: Earlier, I went to Techxpert Unlimted, still it deals with sales. So I told the lady that I do have an appointment that’s why I couldn’t get back for an interview with the manager in the afternoon (knowing that still it deals with sales).

I have no money. I do have P500, but it’s for my tithes, so I mustn’t use it. My final glance to my 1K Baht ‘cause I exchanged it for P 1350.


Mar 13, 2012: I’m so desperate to have a job. I applied again at TeleTech. Before that I still have confusions if I will go or not. At 3PM, I went to TeleTech and had my examination. Their exams are Customer Service, IT Basic, English Grammar and Sales. To my dismay, I failed their examination, in their Sales exam. That makes me discouraged and depressed. But then it makes me realize something that I’m not really for sales. I thought I will not pass the Customer Service or the IT exam because I found it hard.


Mar 14, 2012: Again, I was for an exam for Intellmed, which I think I didn’t make it because in typing test, I failed. I knew it. It was all in caps lock. Bad!

Then I tried in Accenture, still all PS Employees aren’t accepted there if they won’t spent a minimum of 1 year in other companies. Failed!


So now, I’m kinda hopeless but I really thank God for the support of my parents. I really need that so bad. Sometimes, I wonder that if I didn’t resign with Aegis Peoplesupport, maybe right now I’m still receiving a pay. However I wasn’t really happy with my account. I’m missing my colleagues.

Berlitz Assesment

It was a 2-day agony after taking this assesment if I could get a B+ or not.
My previous call center job eallly helped me a lot with my communication skills.
Anyway, for this new company, in this account you have to get at least B+ so that you could continue in this program.
so anxiety places all over me.. 🙂

So here’s how the berlitz went:
1. How to go to work.
2. Mode of transportation.
3. Describe jeepneys.
4. Describe the currency
5. Favorite president and why

So mainly those were my questions… It’s like a linking questions, because when you mentioned this stuff to the rater, the rater will just get the questions of your answers…

So to those who gotta plan to take Berlitz, just be cool. chill. and answer truthfully.


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after 2 weeks of being a bum, finally I got hired at one of the Ayala Companies.